Expand the Mind.
Restore the Body​.

Expand the Mind.
Restore the Body​.

Hi. I'm Renee Ross and I am a relationship expert. I have been working with individuals and relationships for over 20 years in my practice in New York City and currently in Hollywood-- Miami, Florida. Relationships may be new and somewhat confusing to you. I have seen it all. Let me help you learn new skills and simple techniques  to create the "sparks" that bring meaning to an ultimate relationship. Navigate my site and read the information available with the click of your mouse... Now let's begin & have fun!


  • Has a good relationship escaped you?  
  • Do you see your friends and they seem to be so happy and in love?  
  • Does your friend seem to always get the great guy? 
  • Or does that special lady seem to not even notice you?                               Follow my simple guide on this site to create the "Love" life of your dreams.

Whether you are leaving a long term relationship or starting a new one the second time around, I will help you navigate through the confusing labyrinth of your relationship journey, now.